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Jamieson Joins Board of Tree Care Industry Association

Scott Jamieson, president and CEO of The Care of Trees, Wheeling, Ill., was recently installed as a member of the Tree Care Industry Association board of directors at TCIA’s Winter Management Conference in Aruba.

Jamieson, who briefly served on the board from 2002-2004, said he is, “thrilled at the opportunity to come back on the board.”

When he joined the board of directors six years ago, the association looked very different. One of the first assignments the board faced was to devise a strategic plan to lead the association into the new century. The outcome of that early work was TCIA’s decade-long journey that would become its Transformation of the Industry.

“I was lucky enough to be in on the first stages of the strategic plan that set in motion the Transformation,” he recalled. “We are seeing the fruits of that right now. It’s exciting to see what came from that strategic planning meeting and how the association and industry have grown. There were some goals from the meeting that we thought would take a long time to come to fruition. I am pleasantly surprised at how fast things have moved and how fast things like Accreditation and the Certified TreeCare Safety Professional program have taken off. That has shocked me in a great way. Those programs are doing exactly as we hoped. It’s been great to watch.”

The emphasis for Jamieson and the board is now more one of refinement and looking for ways to push ahead to the next level. He compares the task to his duties at The Care of Trees.

“It’s like running our business,” he said. “We have to ask how we push forward to the next level. What’s the next breakthrough? We struggle with this in safety. How do we push to improve substantially? A transformation is underway. When I go to meetings, I see the next generation coming; I see a different feeling at a higher level. People really are riding a new wave of sophistication. As a board member, how we project this higher professionalism to the consumer is hard to judge. And how do we draw in the unprofessional ones? Those are the questions we need to answer.”

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