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SherrillTree Grizzly Splice

SherrillTree has designed, tested and developed Grizzly Splice products to provide a proven, maximum strength product for tree care professionals. This rope splicing technique was developed and made available exclusively for the North American market last year. By virtue of its unique construction, The Grizzly Splice is a “fiercely stronger” spliced rope and achieves and maintains up to 20% greater rope strength than the traditional hand spliced methods and, up to 90% greater strength than knots in rope.

“SherrillTree is constantly looking for the ‘next big advantage’ when it comes to developing new products for arborists. This research shows that our Grizzly Splice gives tree care professionals and climbers an excellent new tool to handle the job with maximum strength,” said SherrillTree owner, Tobe Sherrill.


The advent of modern climbing systems, involving a wide variety of saddles or harnesses, accompanying connecting links, carabiners, and snaps, and synthetic ropes of braided construction has presented climbers with many options in their chosen method of attachment to the end of their climbing line. Many factors may influence this choice, but the most significant ones are safety, security, and ease of use. Safety is based on how much strength the rope retains after the termination knot, hitch, or splice is formed. Any bend in a line will cause a loss of strength, and a sharper bend will create a greater loss, thus knots, hitches, or splices which distort the fibers of the rope the least will retain the most strength or be the strongest



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