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Bandit model 1490XP brush chipper

Bandit recently added a new drum-style hand-fed chipper to its line-up, which is quickly gaining popularity in the tree care industry. “Over the years we have run a lot of different chippers,” said Mark Marriott of Marriott Tree Equipment in Sydney, Australia. “We’ve never seen a drum chipper process Australian hardwood like the Bandit drum chipper. Other machines just look like they’re working their guts out, but Bandit drum chippers are so smooth, so efficient; it’s fantastic.” The Bandit Model 1490XP features a 17-3/4-inch-high by 19.5-inch chipper opening to more than accommodate limby material up to 15 inches in diameter. It also boasts engine options up to 142-horsepower. All Bandit drum chippers feature the patented Power Slot system, which allows for greater chip velocity and virtually eliminates plugging. For more information, visit www.banditchippers.com

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