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Arborists using BugBarrier tree band for broad spectrum pest management

 More and more BugBarrier Tree Bands are appearing thanks to increased application for broad spectrum use.

Bands can be installed now, regardless of whether you are battling spring or fall cankerworms, gypsy moths or other climbing insects. Installing the BugBarrier Tree Band now will contribute significantly to the management of these and other pests.

Spring cankerworm adults are climbing trees to lay their eggs. Gypsy moth larvae will soon be climbing down trees on summer days and back up the trees in the evening. Since cankerworm larvae are small and lightweight, they are easily blown out of trees by the wind. Some land on neighboring trees while others fall to the ground and the caterpillars have to climb back up into a tree. Fall cankerworm larvae are currently in that phase of their life cycle. Each of these occurrences is an opportunity to catch a significant number of bugs, according to Bill Lee, owner of Perma-Green in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Swift Current and surrounding communities, such as Regina and Saskatoon are battling cankerworm. Lee said tree and landscape professionals, as well as homeowners, have installed BugBarrier Tree Bands this spring, and they are trapping fall cankerworm larvae, as well as aphids, spider mites, sawflies and other insects.

“I caution customers that the band will not catch every insect, but is a great tool for overall control,” said Lee. “We have been pleased so far at the number of insects the bands have trapped.”

BugBarrier Tree Bands are popular because they are completely pesticide and pheromone free, effective, attractive and easy to install and remove. The band consists of a dense, flexible, fiber barrier that is wrapped around the trunk to fill bark crevices and an adhesive film installed over the fiber to trap the pests. The film’s unique, inward-facing adhesive increases the band’s effectiveness by keeping the sticky surface free of debris. With no visible bug carcasses or other debris, the bands are visually attractive.

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