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Central Park Splendor' Hybrid Elm offers excellent shape, a dense crown, and is tough and durable for any urban situation. It is good for homes, streets, parks, and commercial landscapes.

Tree of the Month: ‘Central Park Splendor’ Hybrid Elm

By Len Phillips, ASLA Emeritus


 Trade Name: ‘Central Park Splendor’ Hybrid Elm

Botanical Name: Ulmus parvifolia ‘Ross Central Park’

Parentage: Product of a U. parvifolia growing in New York’s Central Park for 100 years

Family: Ulmaceae

Year of Introduction: 1998

Height: 40 to 50 feet

Spread: 40 to 50 feet

Form: Broad shape, densely branched

Bloom Period: August and September

Flower: Inconspicuous

Fruit: 1/3-inch samara, September-October

Summer Foliage: Large, dark-green leaves

Autumn Foliage: Yellow and reddish-purple in autumn

Winter Color: Bark provides winter interest

Bark: Magnificent mottled combination of gray, green, orange and brown

Habitat: Asian origin

Culture: Tolerates most soils and urban conditions; prefers rich, moist soil

Hardiness Zone*: 4 to 9

 Growth Rate: Rapid, 50 feet in 30 years

Pest Resistance: Resistant to DED and Elm Yellows

Salt Resistance: Excellent

Storm Tolerance: Excellent despite reputation to the contrary

Planting: Transplants well

Pruning: Prune in fall

Propagating: Softwood cuttings on own roots

Design Uses: Medium texture, good for homes, streets, parks, and commercial landscapes

Companions: Looks good with most general landscape plants

Other Comments: Excellent shape, dense crown, tough and durable for any urban situation, fair appearance in New England

Available from: Most large nurseries


* For information about the USDA Hardiness Zone Map, visit www.usna.usda.gov/Hardzone/index.html


Len Phillips can be reached via e-mail at lenphillips@on-line-seminars.com


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