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The SC372 stump cutter from Vermeer offers tree-care contractors and rental stores big results in a compact package.

Vermeer SC372 stump cutter

 The SC372 stump cutter from Vermeer offers tree-care contractors and rental stores big results in a compact package.

Power and agility are at the heart of the SC372 stump cutter. Powered by either a 37.8 hp (28.2 kW) Yanmar diesel or 35 hp (26.1 kW) Briggs & Stratton Vanguard gasoline engine — both options offer ample power, torque and efficiency to cut through the toughest stumps on the jobsite. At only 35 inches wide (without duals), the SC372 can easily navigate through gates and operate in confined spaces, and its so lightweight that its footprint is difficult to notice.

The optional patented AutoSweep system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts the cutter wheel sweep rate to maximize productivity and reduce premature wear. Models not equipped with the AutoSweep system feature a manual sweep rate adjustment allowing the operator to manually regulate the sweep rate, depending on the type of material being cut.

The use of dual gear boxes in place of lower drive belts to power the cutter wheel eliminates the need for routine lower belt drive maintenance, alignment and adjustments as well as offers more efficient transfer of horsepower to the cutter wheel.

A simple flip of a switch engages the cutter wheel, eliminating the need for manual manipulation of a belt tensioner or engine slide.

With two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive configurations, as well as an oscillating front steering axle, the SC372 offers improved ground contact for better stability and tractive effort in uneven ground conditions. A two-speed ground drive allows operators to travel between stumps or from the trailer to the stump quickly while still giving them a slower controlled creep speed during operation. The hydraulic front steering is controlled by the push or pull motion of a single lever at the control station.

An operator presence system offers enhanced safety with sensors that monitor the operator’s touch and maintains cutter wheel engagement. When the operator’s hands leave the control levers an automatic disengage and braking sequence will stop the cutter wheel. If the operator’s touch resumes within two seconds, the cutter wheel will automatically resume speed and cutting may continue.

Operator visibility has been maintained by providing a clear view of the cutting action from the control station. The gear box drive also makes it possible to cut closer to buildings, sidewalks or other inanimate objects.

Other features include a chip containment system, which results in less cleanup and easier backfill of the hole after the stump cutting job is complete. An optional chip blade helps eliminate the need for manual chip raking during jobsite cleanup. The blade is controlled hydraulically from the operator’s station.

The SC372 also offers the patent-pending Yellow Jacket cutter system, which features a universal tooth that can accommodate all cutting positions on the cutter wheel. Plus, it offers easy serviceability and extended tooth and pocket life.

For more information on Vermeer products and services, visit the company’s Web site at www.vermeer.com or e-mail Vermeer at salesinfo@vermeer.com.

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