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At the 86th International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Conference & Trade Show in Chicago, ISA President Tim Gamma introduced the selected arborists for ISA's 2010 "True Professionals of Arboriculture" recognition program.

2010 ISA “True Professionals of Arboriculture” recipients announced


Dr. Bill Fountain


Steve Geist


Tanja Grmovsek


Scott Prophett


Mike Robinson At the 86th International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Conference & Trade Show in Chicago, ISA President Tim Gamma introduced Dr. Bill Fountain (Lexington, Ky.), Steve Geist (Denver), Tanja Grmovsek (Maribor, Slovenia), Scott Prophett (Loganville, Ga.), and Mike Robinson (Jacksonville, Fla.) as the selected arborists for ISA’s 2010 “True Professionals of Arboriculture” recognition program. The program award, sponsored by STIHL, recognizes members and certified professionals who are role models to their peers and positively represent arboriculture to the public.

“These five individuals are an inspiration to professional arborists everywhere,” Gamma said. “Like many ISA members, they come from large and small communities in North America and around the world. Most importantly, they exemplify professionalism in arboriculture in their daily work. They not only know trees, they excel in educating everyone from customers to community leaders about tree care and their value. They also demonstrate the professionalism, education, training and knowledge of today’s ISA members and Certified Arborists.”

Some examples of the arborists’ achievements include:

Pioneering efforts in a developing nation, starting the country’s first arboriculture group and introducing municipalities and citizens to the importance of proper tree care practices (Grmovsek)
A passion and dedication to training and safety, preaching and practicing the traits of safe, reliable arboriculture (Prophett)
Educating a community in all things related to arboriculture through writing, presentations and volunteer service (Geist)
Working with municipal leaders to develop a plan to care for trees near utility and electrical lines, a plan that has become a model across the United States (Robinson)
Teaching students and arborists in the United States and internationally – particularly Southeast Asia – about the care and maintenance of trees (Fountain)

“With their knowledge of arboriculture and commitment to tree care, these five arborists deserve recognition for their positive contribution to the field and their communities,” said Anita Gambill of STIHL, Inc. “We at STIHL are proud to sponsor an award that recognizes such distinguished professionals in the tree care industry.”

ISA launched “True Professionals of Arboriculture” in 2009 to increase public understanding of arboriculture and the professional skills of today’s arborists. Profiles and case studies of the arborists will be featured on the ISA website www.isa-arbor.org and highlighted in future ISA

publications. “True Professional” recipients are representative of the highly-skilled, highly-trained certified professionals who work safely and smartly to protect the health and long-term added value provided by trees to homeowners and communities.     

In spring 2010 ISA began accepting nominations for the second group of “True Professionals.”  More than 45 nominations were collected from the industry’s leading arborists and subsequently reviewed by the judging committee. The panel reviewed the entries and selected five arborists representing various attributes of professionalism including a commitment to community outreach and education, innovation in client communication techniques and unique achievements linking arboriculture with the general public.

The 2010 ISA “True Professionals of Arboriculture” judging committee included Tim Gamma (president, ISA), Justin Hancock (senior online garden editor, Better Home & Gardens), Jill Johnson (coordinator, Federal Urban & Community Forestry), Dan Lambe (vice president of programs, National Arbor Day Foundation), Sandra Mason (horticulture extension educator, University of Illinois Extension), Tom Mugridge (membership committee chair, ISA), Melinda Myers (author, broadcaster) and Philip van Wassenaer (president, Urban Forest Innovations, Inc.).


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