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Anchor Bridge Ropeworks, Inc. has called for immediate removal and cease of use of the Anchor Bridge Replacement Rope Bridge.

Anchor Bridge Ropeworks, Inc. calls for immediate removal of the Anchor Bridge Replacement Rope Bridge

This product (ABR 7110) has been included on Weaver Cougar Harnesses, model numbers 08-01075 (with leg loops) and 08-01076 (with batten seat), since January of 2010 or may have been purchased as a separate unit from local Arborist Supply Shops. This unit has a red core and a solid black sheeth covering the core with white whipping at the throat of the eye splices.

If you have this product on your harness, remove it from service immediately. We have become aware of a single product failure, that occurred within normal use of the product, resulting in no injury to the climber. This isolated incident suggests a problem with the long term structural integrity of this product which has the potential to result in injury if the rope bridge is not immediately pulled from service.

We ask owners of this rope bridge to immediately remove the product from your harness and render the rope bridge inoperable by safely cutting the cord on one or both of the eyes with a pair of scissors. (see below Fig. 2 ) For any questions on how to remove the bridge from your harness or if you have questions as to whether your harness has this bridge in use please contact Rich Hattier at 216.276.1581 or contact your Arborist Supply shop where the harness was purchased.

Anchor Bridge Ropeworks has begun working aggressively with its dealers to identify all end users of this product in order to implement the immediate cessation of use and replacement of this product. Suitable replacement units for the ABR 7110 Rope Bridge will be supplied in coordination with the Arborist Supply Retailer where the unit was purchased. The replacement bridges will be made available as quickly as possible at no cost to the user upon verification that the unit has been rendered inoperable. This issue has nothing to do with the workmanship, manufacture, design, or production of Weaver Leather’s Cougar harnesses.

Intensive testing is being performed on the single failed bridge as well as numerous new bridges to determine the cause of the failure. Further information will be released as it becomes available. I would greatly appreciate any and all assistance with implementing this call for cessation of use and apologize for any incovenience that this action may cause to users of this product.

Richard Hattier
Anchor Bridge Ropeworks, Inc.

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