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BuckCat – the newest lightweight saddle from Buckingham

The BuckCat, P/N 16905 is the newest rope bridge lightweight saddle from Buckingham and developed for the professional arborist. It combines comfort, adjustability, versatility and safety.

Features include:

Full adjustability at the sides, waist and legs to obtain a custom fit.
Ability to change the length of or replace the suspension bridge.
7-inch-wide back pad with 3/4-inch foam to conform to the back for a comfortable fit.
4-inch-wide leg pads with the same 3/4-inch foam for conformity and comfort.
Moisture-wicking Dri-lex for comfortable and cool performance.
Weighs 5.45 lbs.

For more information or to place an order contact Buckingham customer service at:

800-YES–BUCK (800-937-2825) or e-mail sales@buckinghammfg.com.


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