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Loftness Tree Hammer 360

As part of its VMLogix  line of vegetation management equipment, Loftness offers the Tree Hammer 360. Powered by a reliable PTO drive, the machine cuts and mulches material up to 10 inches in diameter. It is ideal for clearing right-of-ways or mowing and mulching grass, weeds, brush or trees.

The Tree Hammer 360 is 101 inches wide with a cutting width of 80 inches. It is designed for tractors with up to 260 PTO horsepower and a Category II or III three-point hitch. Depending on the type of operation, the unit can be pushed or pulled behind the tractor to cut, mow or mulch material.

The 21-inch rotor is mounted on 3-inch piloted bearings with anti-wrap protection. The rotor contains 24 individually mounted hammers, which swing 360 degrees on double-tapered rolling bearings. A row of stationary teeth optimizes cutting performance, and a mulching door can be hydraulically opened or closed according to the application. To help prevent flying debris, the Tree Hammer 360 comes with steel deflector chains.

Other standard features include a PTO shaft with slip clutch, a four-groove banded belt with spring-loaded tensioner, and adjustable skid shoes. Options include a shear bar, dual-belt drive, six-groove banded belts, and a hydraulic tree-pusher bar.

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