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Buckingham Rope Friction Saver

Buckingham introduced the new Rope Friction Saver Model 60-48, which is 48 inches long [lengths are also available from 24 inches to 96 inches in 12-inch increments.

Benefits and features:

Spliced rope
Installation and retrieval from the ground
Less bend radius
Less friction, easier to climb
Reduced wear to rope
Can be used as false crotch
Rated to 5,000 pounds – for human support only
Shown with aluminum rings; order P/N 60S-48 for steel rings
Available with stitched rope; order P/N’s 59-48 or 59S-48

Added features and benefits for rope model:

Less likely to tangle or foul
Light and flexible
Adjustable when used with a prusik


For more information or to place an order, contact Buckingham customer service at 800-YES–BUCK (800-937-2825) or email sales@buckinghammfg.com




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