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Bandit Model 200UC 12-inch disc chipper

The Model 200UC “Utility Chipper” brings low cost with reliable performance and production to the popular 12-inch-capacity disc chipper segment. It’s similar to Bandit’s popular Model 200XP, but features a lightened frame and chipping disc along with a plastic fuel tank. These changes allow the Model 200UC to ride comfortably on a smaller 6000-pound axle with 15-inch wheels, making this machine easier to tow and maneuver. It shares the same 14 x 17-inch chipper throat opening and feed system with the Model 200XP, and it can be equipped with engines from 48 to 97 horsepower.

The end result is a maneuverable chipper that delivers the production and capability of a 12-inch machine, but with a lighter weight and a lower price point compared to many other machines in this segment. This is an ideal fleet chipper, and the Model 200UC is especially well suited for utility clearing thanks to its combination of weight, size and large throat opening. It’s an inexpensive, no-nonsense 12-inch disc chipper with the ability to compress and chip large, limby branches without sacrificing maneuverability. Companies that need the larger capacity of a 12-inch chipper but cannot justify the higher cost of a typical 12-inch machine will find the Model 200UC to be a perfect fit.

The Model 200UC is now available for order.

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