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The Stihl Tour des Trees will take place July 27 - August 3 from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Toronto.

Tour des Trees update

The Stihl Tour des Trees will take place July 27 – August 3 from Niagara Falls, Ontario to Toronto.

Registration update:

79 Full-Tour riders

19 Partial-Tour riders

9 Road Support volunteers

3 Mechanical Support volunteers

2 Luggage Support

1 Photographer

2 Events Support volunteers

2 Massage Therapists

2 Media/PR Support

1 Certifiable Arborifessor


Itinerary and Logistics

An updated version of the 2013 Tour itinerary can be found on the Rider Resources page. Lots of other good information, too!!



Have you updated your cell phone service for international calling and data?

Did you get a bell for your bike?

You’ll receive 2 STdT luggage tags with your kit, which are numbered to facilitate our passage through customs. Please limit your luggage to 2 pieces, and pack light. Our luggage crew thanks you in advance.

KASK Helmet Alert: Full-Tour riders receive a customized 2013 Tour helmet from KASK with their apparel kit at check-in. Partial Tour riders qualify for a helmet with a minimum fundraising commitment of $1800, due August 31 (equivalent to 3-day Tour commitment). If you’re a 1- or 2-day rider and want a 2013 Tour helmet, contact marydicarlo@treefund.org to raise your fundraising commitment and get on the list.



Fundraising update:

Thanks to sponsors and fundraisers, $385,576 has already been raised toward the $600,000 goal. The week before you ride is a great time to reach out to donors. Remind them that you’ll be on your bike July 28-Aug 3, and announce a goal to meet your minimum that week or surpass it by a set amount. Invite them to experience the ride via daily updates on the Tour blog. The fundraising deadline for the 2013 Tour is August 31.


Top fundraisers ($5,000 or more):

1. Dick Rideout

2. Frazer Pehmoeller

3. Mike Neal


Top fundraising teams:

1. Team Canada

2. Team Wisconsin

3. Team Ohio

4. Team MAC-ISA

5. Team Western Chapter


Overachievers ($3,500+ already):

Randy Miller *

Warren Hoselton

Andy Kittsley

Scott Huffmaster *

Rob Tinney *

Tom Armstrong

Duane Dickinson

Steve Parker

Paul Sellers

Steve Geist

Mike Skivington

Doug Drysdale


* First-time Tour rider



The Safety Task Force has spent the past 12 months working to make the 2013 Tour the safest ride on the road. Ultimately, that begins with you. Every rider is asked to commit to our Safety Credo, and to keep the safety of the group as their first priority.


Ride Principles

The Stihl Tour des Trees is about moving beyond our limits as individuals and as a group. The Tour is not a race; it is a supportive, community-oriented ride open to people from all walks of life. As a Tour rider you can count on others to offer help, to ask how you’re doing, to encourage, support and cheer you on in a way you’ve never experienced. You’re expected to give that back. At week’s end, expect to have a host of new lifelong friends in your address book.


Stay Alert, Stay Alive

We’re serious. We’re asking every rider to commit in writing to keeping safety top of mind, and we will repeat safety messages throughout the ride. Our goal is to make safe riding habits second nature to every Tour rider.

The Tour is not the place to check your brain at the door. To ensure that your brain remains functional all week, an ANSI, Snell or ASTM approved helmet is required whenever you’re on a bike. If you’re riding 4 or more days of the 2013 Tour you’ll receive a custom helmet from KASK with your apparel kit.

There are riders of all skills and abilities on the Tour. Consider your own safety and the safety of your group in every decision you make. Everyone wants to finish the ride successfully.

Expect to be challenged if you’re exhibiting unsafe cycling behavior, and consider yourself obligated to challenge others who are putting the group at risk.

If you’re new to group riding or it’s been a while, take this quick refresher course, then pair up with an experienced buddy. Find a rider with an ‘Ask Me’ button; they’re committed to helping you have a fun, safe and memorable week.


Get your questions answered at www.stihltourdestrees.org


 (Don’t forget your passport!)


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