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The new Brushcat rotary cutter attachments from Bobcat Company provide excellent cutting performance, durable components and several safety features.

Brushcat rotary cutters

The new Brushcat rotary cutter attachments from Bobcat Company provide excellent cutting performance, durable components and several safety features. These attachments are designed to help compact equipment operators cut overgrown grass, brush and small trees. They transform undergrowth into mulch.

Ideal for clearing trails, pastures or new construction sites, the new Bobcat® rotary cutters have a shortened deck for improved visibility. The oscillating deck enables the attachment to follow the ground surface, and the dual-blade design reduces the overall weight. With a shorter deck than competitors, the Brushcat rotary cutter has a tighter turning radius and is easier to fit and load on trailers.

For improved efficiency and exceptional maneuverability, the oscillating deck allows the rotary cutter to closely follow ground contours, even on slopes. The standard front discs combined with the oscillating deck make the attachment very easy to operate while still maintaining an even, smooth cut. Front roller kits, which minimize scalping, are also available as a dealer-installed option.

Available in five models, the rotary cutters have a standard 3-inch cutting height. An optional dealer-installed kit can be added to increase the cutting height to 4 inches. With varying auxiliary hydraulic flow capabilities, the new rotary cutters are compatible with Bobcat carriers with hydraulic flows ranging from 15 to 40 gpm, depending on the specific model. Rotary cutter models include standard flow or high-flow capability options in 66- and 72-inch widths, and an 80-inch model with high-flow capability. The high-flow models provide increased torque for even better cutting performance in thick brush.


Dual motor design

In order to reduce weight and shorten the rotary cutter’s deck size, the new Brushcat rotary cutters are equipped with two direct-drive, offset motors featuring a dual-blade design. The direct-drive motor design means there are fewer moving parts and no gearbox. The rotary cutter’s dual motors efficiently transfer power to the blades to quickly cut through brush.

Four blades are positioned with a 1.5-inch overlap and provide superior cutting performance. To help operators work efficiently, if one blade comes in contact with excessively heavy brush, additional pressure is applied to that area to help the motor and blades recover faster. The rotary cutter’s double-edge blades can achieve bidirectional cutter rotation by switching the cutter heads; this will also increase the overall blade life.


Compatible carriers

Brushcat rotary cutters are approved for use with select Bobcat skid-steer loaders, compact track loaders, all-wheel steer loaders, Toolcat utility work machines and the V417 VersaHandler® telescopic tool carrier. Operators can quickly and easily connect Bobcat rotary cutters to the carrier with the Bob-Tach® attachment mounting system. This enables the operator to spend less time on attachment changes and more time clearing brush.


Safety features

Front safety chains on the rotary cutter help contain debris within the deck and prevent it from being thrown outside the cutting area. The tapered roller on the rear of the rotary cutter prevents debris from flying out of the back of the cutting deck; this increases deck maneuverability and turning while helping to eliminate gouging the ground surface. As a safeguard, a velocity fuse was integrated into the hydraulic system valve on the standard-flow models. This fuse protects the drive motor from damage by shutting off the hydraulic flow to the rotary cutter if the hydraulic capacity of the motor is exceeded. For additional safety, a patented blade shutoff feature stops blade rotation when the rear roller of the rotary cutter is raised off the ground.


QuickLook — Brushcat rotary cutters

• Five new models: 66-, 72- and 80-inch widths; available in standard and high-flow models

• Standard 3-inch cutting height; optional kit available to increase cut height to 4 inches

• Available for Bobcat carriers with auxiliary hydraulic flows between 15 and 40 gpm

• Deck oscillation with front discs improves operation over rough terrain

• Offset dual motor/dual blade design provides a shorter deck and reduced weight

• Smooth under-deck keeps grass clippings and debris from being caught

• Double-edge blades provide bidirectional cutter rotation and increase overall blade life

• On standard-flow models, velocity fuse safeguards hydraulic system

• Patented blade shut-off stops blade rotation when the rear roller is raised off the ground

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