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Altec DSC6 control-feed disc wood chipper

Altec’s newest chipper addition is an easy-to-use solution for the operator who needs a smaller machine capable of processing a large amount of debris. An eight-blade feed roller design allows for smooth operation for all types and sizes of material while maintaining a convenient 6-inch-by-10-inch feed opening. The transition zone between the feed roller and cutting disc has been redesigned to provide more productive, efficient chipping. The DSC6 features automatic protection of the unit’s drive belt and clutch. This feature automatically shuts off the engine if a disc jam is detected to prevent damage to the machine. Additional features have been improved for easier care and maintenance of the unit including:

  • Upgraded feed table for added strength and rust prevention.
  • Pivot arm knuckle has a self-lubricating composite bearing requiring less maintenance.
  • Standardized door fasteners allow one tool for all-access door maintenance.

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