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Arborjet QUIK-jet Air

The Arborjet QUIK-jet Air is an air-powered trunk injection device designed to deliver precise formulation dosing in a matter of seconds to maximize productivity and reduce labor time. The QUIK-jet Air is the latest weapon in the war against tree insects and diseases. Its innovative design combines the simplicity of the popular QUIK-jet and power of the VIPER Air Hydraulic systems. The QUIK-jet Air features one-thumb switch operation, precise dose measuring, and air-powered injection in a rugged aluminum body weighing less than 2 pounds that is ergonomically balanced for hand comfort. Designed for the tree care applicator who wants to inject multiple trees within a short time span, the QUIK-jet Air comes in its own kit bag with a shoulder strap, compressed air tank, drill bits, cleaning solution, and extra pockets for tools and related supplies.

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