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Rotochopper expanding into 2015

Rotochopper, Inc. recently completed a 8,400-square-foot factory expansion, which includes a new shipping and receiving area, paint preparation bay, and parts warehouse.

“When our customers invest in Rotochopper grinding equipment, we have to continue to invest in them,” stated John Babcock, Rotochopper president. “This new warehouse is just one small, practical way we are planning ahead to maintain our commitment to customer uptime.”

The warehouse expansion will go into usage on December 1st, 2014. As Rotochopper customers have continued to diversify into more raw materials and end products, we have been adding new options and new tooth and screen designs to meet their needs. This new warehouse will help up us keep pace with the growing need for unique wear parts.

The enhanced efficiency of the new shipping and receiving area is intended in part to accommodate the diversified needs of a growing customer base. “Compared to just five years ago, there is a noticeable increase in the variety of engines and electric motors we use, to name one example of the increasing diversification of our business” Rotochopper Sales Manager Monte Hight observes. “We are always looking at new strategies to streamline our inventory control.”

In addition to the completed factory addition, Rotochopper also acquired land to accommodate future expansion. Following completion of the expansion, Rotochopper has begun preparing the groundwork for additional inventory storage and future construction.

As Babcock observes, the markets that depend on grinding equipment, such as landscape mulch, C & D recycling, and green waste composting, are showing strong signs of enduring growth.

“Rotochopper has a mission and a vision: our mission is to design, manufacture, distribute and service the highest quality and most reliable material processing heavy equipment in the world,” Babcock states. “Our vision is to double our size within five years and to create the preeminent employee owned manufacturing company in Central Minnesota: a company that serves its customers and is owned by its workers. With the site preparation and building of the new shipping, receiving and warehousing facility, we have taken a large step forward in that regard.”

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