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Terex XT Pro Series Tree Trimmers

The Terex XT Pro Series Tree Trimmer trucks boast a longitudinal hydraulic lift option to provide up to 75 feet of working height, upper boom articulation of 250 degrees and 125 degrees of lower boom articulation, to further extend these aerial devices’ capacities and capabilities. A unique feature of the XT Pro tree trimmer is a control system that senses what hydraulic flow is needed to move the boom to a new position without having to disengage the tool circuit. This feature allows the operator to concentrate on the task at hand without having to manually manage hydraulic flow between the controls and tools.

Because of the way these tree trimmers are engineered, these models have the capability to mount a 75-foot unit on a 13,200-pound front axle chassis. And this design accommodates an 11-foot chipbox, so there is no reduction in chip storage space.

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