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AzaSol, Arborjet’s next generation Neem Bio-Insecticide, is now OMRI listed for organic use

Arborjet, a company dedicated to developing remedies for the world’s most destructive plant and tree insects and diseases announced today that AzaSol, the first 100% water soluble powdered Azadirachtin product developed for superior broad-based biological insect control is now OMRI Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute.

An OMRI Listing is granted only for products that meet the criteria for use in certified organic production, handling and processing. These products undergo a rigorous review to ensure compliance with organic standards. AzaSol joins an elite group of products included in the OMRI Listing which are held to the highest standards in organic accountability.

A broad spectrum bio-insecticide, AzaSol can be applied on a variety of plant types, including food crops, the same day as harvest. It contains the highest concentration (6%) available on the market of the active ingredient Azadirachtin, a proven natural anti-feedant, growth regulator, anti-ovipositor, and repellent.

AzaSol may be applied via soil drench, chemigation, drip irrigation, spray or trunk injection as a preventative or control against Aphids, Mealybugs, Thrips, Whiteflies, Leaf Miners and more. AzaSol is manufactured with a patented process resulting in the highest potency powdered Azadirachtin product that is also water soluble, solvent free and shelf stable for more than two years. It can be tank mixed with other products, including biochemistries and conventional products. Absorbed through the leaves or roots, it has no smell or oily residue and is specially designed to avoid burning under grow lights.

“The OMRI Listing for AzaSol demonstrates Arborjet’s commitment to developing products that are beneficial and innovative,” said Kristin Nikodemski, Product Marketing Manager of Arborjet. “It is also great news for homeowners, professional growers, and applicators alike who now have a listed organic product approved for the control of a wide range of insects,” she added.

AzaSol is available in two sizes – single-use 0.75 oz. packets and a 6 oz. container (includes eight (8), 0.75 oz. packets).

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