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Fecon launches new website

Fecon Inc. launched a brand new website for 2015. New features include a customizable Bull Hog Rotor Module that allows the user to build and display three different rotor options and nine different tooling options, then choose the combination that fits their application best. The new ‘Compare’ section shows specifications of the different tracked carriers and attachment products, side by side, helping the user find the exact model they are looking for. The responsiveness of the site lends itself to the on the go user who may be in the field and using a phone or tablet. Find what you’re looking for quickly with Fecon.com’s “easy to navigate” interface. Product lines have been broken down into more user friendly categories to help the customer find the product information they need fast. The new Fecon.com makes it easy to stay connected via live links to product support, sales and financing on every product page.


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