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BugBarrier Tree Band

It won’t be long before caterpillars hatch and begin feasting on trees. Applying an adhesive band to the tree trunk to trap them is the most environmentally sound method for controlling these pests, and the BugBarrier Tree Band is the preferred banding system. The BugBarrier Tree Band is a pesticide-free, pheromone-free adhesive banding system that does double duty. Most tree-dwelling caterpillars pupate at the base of the tree and the adult female moths climb up the tree to lay their eggs. So the band traps the adult female moths as they attempt to climb. During their feeding stage, many caterpillars climb down the tree to avoid predators and the heat of the day. The BugBarrier Tree Band traps the caterpillars at the end of the day as they attempt to climb back up the tree to continue eating leaves. The BugBarrier Tree Band can be installed in five minutes or less. Its dense, flexible fiber barrier is wrapped around the tree to fill bark crevices. The adhesive film barrier is then installed over the fiber, with the adhesive side facing the tree. This unique design eliminates unsightly debris that insects turn into bridges, and keeps insect carcasses out of sight.

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