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Vermeer launches podcast for green industry

Vermeer introduced a new podcast for professionals in the green industry that will provide expert insight on a variety of topics.

The podcast, found at www.treeviews.com, will feature Judith Guido, chairwoman and founder of Guido & Associates, talking about business-related issues important to the green industry. Guido has worked in the green industry for more than 25 years. Her company specializes in strategy, branding, sales, marketing, research, product development and mergers and acquisitions.

Although the podcast will be on Tree Views, which is the Vermeer blog for the tree-care industry, the topics will be relevant to anyone in the green industry.

“Not just tree service professionals but also those who work in landscaping, logging, snow removal, irrigation and many other areas will benefit from listening,” Guido said. “Just like with my business management company, my intention with this podcast is to help listeners grow their people and their revenue.”

The first edition of the podcast is available now on www.treeviews.com. New programs will come out approximately every other month throughout 2015 on topics that include industry trends, sustainability, sales and marketing, understanding customers and communication.

“The podcast and the Tree Views blog are resources for people to receive in-depth and relevant information that will help their businesses,” said Jay Sunderman, strategic business unit manager –tree care / rental & landscape. “From job stories to business tips, from videos to audio programs like the podcast, Tree Views is a place for passionate professionals to become more knowledgeable about their industry.”

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