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ISA announces new podcast series

ISA announced a new podcast series—Tree Workers’ Tips, Tricks & Troubles. This new ISA podcast will be the first where content is determined by you, the arborist. We ask ISA members to share their experiences from around the world, whether it’s a pest that’s invading your territory, a tip for evading poison ivy, or a trick that has made work life just a little bit safer and easier. To make this work, we need arborists to send ISA videos from the field. Using your smartphone, take a video of what it is you would like to share and send it to byauch@isa-arbor.com. Submission Requirements: The video must be under 5 minutes and should be shot horizontally. Please include a brief description in the e-mail to assist staff in determining if ISA would like to use your material to build content for a podcast. Individuals whose videos are selected will be contacted at the time of release.

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