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All Gear 24-strand Sunburst

Sunburst is a 7/16-inch or 11.5mm line that has a 24-strand polyester cover, a 16-strand polyester core and a cabled and twisted center core. This quality engineering designed core helps keep the line round for high performance.

Quality construction is guaranteed with high tenacity polyester fibers that allow for low elongation or stretch. This low stretch, 7.6% @ 30%, along with its sleek diameter of 7/16-inch, and the exclusivity for the “Rope Runner” device makes it a great SRT line.

The “Sunburst” provides the ability to increase safety with its consistent quality record and its high-visibility colors.

Average tensile strength is 6,300 pounds. Available in 120, 150, 600 and 1,200 feet.

Call for samples: 847-564-9016 or visit www.allgearinc.com

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