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7 tips to quick macro-infusion uptake

The following are seven tips to macro-infusion that will help you achieve consistent results every time:

Use Razor Sharp High Helix Drill Bits. The goal is to literally slice open the xylem with a very clean cut. A dull drill bit will tear or cauterize the xylem tissue and physically block uptake.

Clean Root Flare. Sweep the root flare off, even if above ground. Grit or dirt will dull the drill bit fast. Dirt can also be pushed into the hole causing a physical obstruction.

Proper Tee Depth. Only the current year’s growth will take up solutions for ring porous tree species such as oak, elm and ash. If the tee is pounded in too far, there is no place for the chemical to go. Tees should be placed into the hole by hand and given a very light tap to seal.

Root Flare Injection. Root flare tissue will allow sideways movement while trunk tissue will not. This extra area for solution to flow into means faster uptake.

Clogged Tees. Sometimes tees get mud or sawdust in them. Each tee should be checked before insertion.

Clean Pump Filter. If the filter on the pump is clogged it will slow uptake. You should check and/or clean the filter each day before use.

Right Water. Hard water, or very high pH water, from city sources, will cause Arbotect to fall out of solution. For high pH water, muriatic acid can be added at a rate of 1 oz. per 6 gallons of water. Stir in muriatic acid until the solution turns clear


Tips provided by Rainbow Treecare Scientific Advancements.

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