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SP8018TRX stump cutter from J.P. Carlton

The Carlton SP8018TRX is designed for high production in both clearing and large residential removal applications. A 99-hp. turbo-charged Kubota diesel engine combined with Carlton’s two-stage cutter head drive provides significant cutting power. The Carlton Razor cutting system offers a low-profile holder design coupled with large-faced carbide teeth. This provides a high cut-to-friction ratio resulting in highly efficient, large cuts with minimal chip scatter. The SP8018TRX features large cutting dimensions: 43 inches above ground, 18 inches below ground, and 80 inches of sweep. The patented turntable design lowers the machine’s center of gravity, making it very stable while providing massive cutting dimensions and reducing flex and wear points. The unit’s Caterpillar track undercarriage provides a secure stance and extensive tractive effort, along with Caterpillar reliability.

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