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ISA seeking proposals for international symposium

The International Society of Arboriculture is seeking proposals for presentations for the Urban Forests and Sustainability International Symposium, to be held in Shenyang, China from May 29 through June 4, 2016. Hosted by ISA, Southern University Urban Forestry Program, and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Abstract proposals are being accepted for the following themes:

  • Arboriculture and tree sustainability
  • Tree and air pollution
  • Tree and urban forest sustainability
  • Tree biomechanics
  • Tree health
  • Tree management
  • Tree risk assessment
  • Species diversity/tree biodiversity
  • Trees and urban forests in landscape design
  • Urban forest ecosystem services
  • Urban forests and climate change
  • Urban soil and water
  • GIS and remote-sensing application in urban forestry
  • Social aspect of urban forestry

Submit your abstracts online: https://isa-arbor.currinda.com/event/1344

The deadline for all submissions is Friday,July 31,2015. Please direct all submission inquiries to Tricia Duzan at tduzan@isa-arbor.com

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