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Fall Tree Healthcare Field Days announced

Rainbow Treecare announced Fall Tree Healthcare Field Days. They will be demonstrating tree healthcare equipment and will be discussing late-season tree healthcare topics. They will also discuss ways to extend your plant healthcare services and add to your profits this year.

Upcoming Field Days will be held in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illnois, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Colorado, Missouri, Massachusetts, Iowa, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

The agenda includes the following:


Air tool demo

See the AirSpade in action!  Learn how you can incorporate this tool into your plant healthcare program. Additional topics we’ll discuss include:

  • AirSpade uses and techniques
  • Root enhancement techniques
  • Soil amendments


Soil injection demo

Many fall tree problems can be treated for with soil injected products. Learn how the HTI-2000 can help improve your productivity. Additional topics include:

  • Late-season insect protocols
  • Cambistat growth regulator applications


Tree injection demo

Fall is an ideal time for many tree injection treatments, whether you’re treating for late season insects, vascular diseases, chlorosis, or for tree health and nutrition. Come see the latest in tree injection technology and learn how to improve your crew’s efficiency.



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