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New president at Burford’s Tree, Inc.

On October 1, 2015, the “presidential torch” at Burford’s Tree, Inc. was officially passed to Vice President Todd Burford when his father, Mike, retired from the company that he started 35 years ago. Burford’s Tree, Inc. (BTI) has served utilities in the Southeastern United States with vegetation management and other right-of-way construction services since 1980.

“I’m honored to be given the responsibility to lead our company into the future,” said Todd, who began working for BTI during the summer of 1996 and came aboard full-time as a project manager after his college graduation in 2002. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and information sciences from the University of Alabama and was promoted to vice president of vegetation operations in 2010.

In addition to Todd’s appointment to president of BTI, his brother, Vice President Will Burford, will continue to provide leadership support for the company’s operations. Will joined the company full-time in June 2005 as a project manager for right-of-way construction services with a background in accounting. He began integrating the construction and vegetation projects in 2009 and the following year was named vice president of BTI’s right-of-way construction operations. As a company vice president, Will is responsible for overseeing both construction and vegetation services.

“Together, we will continue to work with our employees to deliver safe, cost-effective services to our customers,” said Todd. “I look forward to building on the foundation laid by our father over 35 years ago.”

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