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ISA and UAA focus on expansion

As a professional affiliate organization, the Utility Arborist Association (UAA) provides the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) with a network for serving the needs of utility arborists. The growth of this sector in the arboriculture industry has led UAA and ISA to move toward a mutually beneficial, autonomous administrative relationship similar to that of other ISA affiliate organizations.

Through the years, ISA has ventured outside of normal professional affiliate offerings to provide UAA with administrative staff and services. These streamlined administrative services have helped UAA to achieve its current level of success. This growth has created an increased need for administrative support, making it more efficient for UAA to manage their operations internally. “ISA has been proud to help UAA grow as an independent organization and professional affiliate,” says Jim Skiera, executive director of ISA. “However, ISA’s own increase in programming and services now requires us to utilize more of our own resources to focus on expansion.”

Administrative support provided by ISA has included ISA staff serving as a part-time executive director, a full-time finance and operations manager, and a part-time administrative support specialist. UAA’s move toward greater independence began in 2011 when the association hired its own executive director, with support staff still provided by ISA. UAA has now begun the process of determining how best to manage its administrative support needs separate from ISA.

UAA and ISA will remain professional affiliates that will continue to support each other. As a professional affiliate, UAA will maintain an official memorandum of understanding with ISA, which will continue to provide UAA with certain benefits

and services. “UAA has grown to over 3,300 members and is now in a position to operate more autonomously like ISA chapters and other professional affiliates,” adds Philip Charlton, UAA executive director. “We thank ISA for the many years of additional support, and we look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

Membership and credentialing services for members of UAA and ISA will be unaffected. ISA will still manage certification for the Certified Arborist Utility Specialist credential, and individuals will have the option to join ISA, UAA, or both through either organization. ISA will also continue to provide educational programming for utility arborists during the ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show.

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