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Arborchem now offers EAB treatment products from Arborjet

Arborchem Products, a division of Asplundh Tree Expert Co., recently signed a contract with Arborjet Inc. to become a distributor of their products and equipment line. With so many utilities and municipalities dealing with the spread of emerald ash borer (EAB), Arborchem is especially pleased to be able to offer its customers their EAB treatment products.

TREE-äge Insecticide, an Arborjet formulation, is a leading treatment product for EAB and its effectiveness lasts up to two years in ash trees. Annual treatments are not necessary. In addition, Arborjet’s QUIK-jet Air injection equipment is simple to use for EAB and other pest treatments. Arborchem markets these products to utilities, as well as city, state, and federal agencies, and to arboricultural companies whose primary work is servicing the utility sector.

“Although many utilities and municipalities are dealing with EAB by removing ash trees after they have died, or removing them ahead of their death, we feel there are clearly times when it makes good sense to invest in saving particular ash trees,” said Vice President Joe Lentz of Arborchem. Where the ash tree canopy provides many energy-saving and aesthetic benefits, injections of TREE-äge can preserve these benefits for years to come. From an economic point of view, the cost of removals — and planting replacement trees in some cases — must be compared with the cost of injection services and insecticide, which has come down in recent years. In addition, there is great value in publicly projecting a more thoughtful, selective approach to dealing with the threat of EAB to a community or region’s ash tree population.


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