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Arborjet ARBORChar

Arborjet Inc. announced that ARBORChar, its new line of premium fertilizer and biochar blends, has been awarded the Retailers’ Choice Award at the 2015 Florida Landscape Show from The Garden Center Group, which recognizes the best new products in the industry.

The ARBORChar line of products are designed to improve leaf vigor, root development, and soil structure in indoor and outdoor plants, trees, and shrubs. Made from biochar sourced from recycled trees and amended with naturally occurring nutrients, the ARBORChar line supports plant growth while building soil, conserving water, and sequestering carbon.

“We are ecstatic that our new ARBORChar™ line of premium blends is being recognized for its unique formulas,” said Kristin Nikodemski, product marketing manager of Arborjet. “With the addition of Biochar, we have created solutions for soil amending, fertilizing, water holding, and microbiology support all in one product line.”

ARBORChar is available in both 1lband 4 lbs, and multiple formulations including:

  • ARBORChar – All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 Premium Fertilizer & Biochar Blend

(5.0% Nitrogen, 6.0% Phosphorous, 4.0% Soluble Potash, 6.0% Calcium, 2.0% Magnesium)

  • ARBORChar – Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4 Premium Fertilizer & Biochar Blend

(3.0% Nitrogen, 6.0% Phosphorous, 4.0% Soluble Potash, 10% Calcium, 2.5% Magnesium)

  • ARBORChar – Summer Stress 0-0-9 Premium Fertilizer & Biochar Blend

(9.0% Soluble Potash, 5% Magnesium, 1.5% Iron)

The ARBORChar line can be used for general plant nutrition, improving sandy or clay soils, increasing water retention, and reducing nutrient leaching. The ARBORChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 and the ARBORChar Root, Flower & Fruit formulas’ added calcium also helps to inhibit Blossom End Rot. In addition, the ARBORChar Summer Stress 0-0-9 formula’s added Ironhelps to maintain green during hot monthsin Nitrogen and Phosphorus sensitive areas, decreasing seasonal deficiencies of Potassium and Magnesium.

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