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Arborjet announces new, formulated in the USA, TREE-äge G4

Formulated in the USA, the solution expands on Arborjet’s flagship TREE-äge formula, a restricted-use product for sale and use by certified applicators only. With its 4% Emamectin Benzoate active ingredient from Syngenta, TREE-äge G4 requires less paperwork and is available to more applicators. Now available as a GUP, TREE-äge G4 is proven effective in protecting trees and controlling insects like the Emerald Ash Borer, various species of pine bark beetles, leaf chewing caterpillars, mites and more.

“We are excited for the launch of our new TREE-äge G4 in bolstering Arborjet’s already extensive product line,” said Russ Davis, president and chief operating officer of Arborjet. “Customers have grown to trust our award-winning TREE-äge and have asked us for a general use version of our flagship product. We are delighted to deliver on that and bring it to market.”

Like TREE-äge, TREE-äge G4 works with all of Arborjet’s application equipment including the QUIK-jet Air and is injected directly into the tree’s vascular system to protect quickly, efficiently and effectively. Unlike spraying and soil drenching, tree trunk injections are sealed in the tree, limiting environmental exposure. Nothing is placed into the air or soil at the time of injection.

The new formulation allows for two-year control of insects and mites in deciduous, coniferous and palm trees. A partial list of the insect species covered by TREE-äge G4 includes, Emerald Ash Borer; Western, Southern and Mountain Pine Beetles; various species of leaf-chewing caterpillars like Gypsy Moth and Winter Moth; Pine Cone Seed Bug; Pine Cone Worm; Red Palm Mite; Red Palm Weevil; gall wasps; and ambrosia beetles like Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer, among others.

Applicators have easy access to product and support with Arborjet’s distribution and technical services network. TREE-äge G4 is available in a 1-quart size, which treats approximately 27 trees at 10”DBH. It ships in singles or in case quantities of four.

To learn more about new TREE-äge G4, please visit www.arborjet.com.


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