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Fall is for banding

A natural phenomenon is taking place at the base of many trees around the country.

Caterpillars, specifically gypsy moth, fall cankerworm and winter moth, are pupating, morphing into adult moths that will climb up the tree and lay their eggs so the next generation of caterpillars can continue their destruction next spring.

You can stop this cycle, even for customers who don’t want pesticides sprayed on their properties. Instead, apply the BugBarrier Tree Band, a completely pesticide-free and pheromone-free adhesive banding system that is registered with the EPA as a “mechanical pesticide.”

This attractive, uniquely-designed banding system consists of a dense, flexible fiber barrier and an adhesive film barrier. When applied, the adhesive faces the tree, eliminating unsightly debris. It is so easy that you can install and remove it in five minutes or less, and nobody has to touch the adhesive or bug carcasses.

In addition to gypsy moth, fall cankerworm and winter moth, the BugBarrier Tree Band is also effective against the spring cankerworm, providing you with a year round market. Envirometrics Systems USA packages the BugBarrier Tree Band in 30 foot and 250 foot kits.   Landscape contractors and arborists have been using the BugBarrier Tree Band successfully for more than 15 years.   For product information and a list of distributors, visit treebands.com

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