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Morbark cuts a better path to aftermarket pricing with Syncron

Syncron, the only aftermarket service provider that exclusively focuses on service parts management and pricing for the world’s leading manufacturers, announced that Morbark has selected Syncron’s price management solution to optimize its aftermarket revenue and provide a better experience to both its dealers and customers. The new solution will not only allow Morbark to enhance these relationships, but also improve margins within its Parts Business Unit. Morbark is extremely focused on creating strong relationships with its dealer network and ensuring the ultimate benefit to customers is always top of mind. To help bolster this, Morbark sought a cloud-based solution to optimize its parts pricing, streamlining communication between the OEM and dealers and providing much better visibility into the pricing process. “With a sophisticated dealer network, we have the objective of maximizing business while also providing logical and attractive pricing plans for both our dealers and customers,” said Erika Snyder, Director of Part Sales and Manufacturing at Morbark. “Moving from manual processes to an automated aftermarket pricing solution creates a more seamless, collaborative relationship with dealers, in turn creating better experiences for our end-customers. We’re thrilled to work alongside Syncron’s experts to achieve these goals.” Prior to implementing Syncron’s service parts pricing solution, Morbark’s pricing logic was a time-consuming and manual process. Moving to a cloud-based solution provides much better visibility, and allows the company to be more nimble in its approach to pricing. “Today’s most innovative companies realize pricing is a key profit lever, and that parts pricing in particular helps these leading organizations move the needle,” said Johan Stakeberg, Head of Global Sales and President, U.S. at Syncron. “We are thrilled to have Morbark among our impressive customer base, and are eager to work with them to not only optimize their aftermarket pricing, but also improve dealer and customer experiences while simultaneously improving margins and revenue.” As Morbark continues to become more sophisticated in its approach to aftermarket pricing, the company will work with Syncron to achieve short-term successes, including adhering to cost/benefit best practices. Additionally, the company continues to develop plans and scenarios to become more competitive and provide dealers with optimized pricing structures, while simultaneously generating revenue and enhancing the customer experience.

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