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Mountain F. Enterprises, ACRT complete 1,000th Safety Audit

Mountain F. Enterprises, a professional tree service company specializing in utility services and right-of-way clearing, recently completed its 1,000th field safety audit, a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to safety leadership.

Since its founding as a firewood company in 1987, safety has always been at the heart of Mountain F. Enterprises. The audit program, administered by the Akron, Ohio-based utility services consultant ACRT, Inc., helps to ensure that all Mountain F. practices while performing work in the field.

Each audit is performed at random, and evaluates a range of behaviors, including:

Enterprises employees are using best different safety practices and

Wood chipper operation General housekeeping Billing activities

Traffic control

Pre-job briefing

Personal protective equipment

  • Aerial lift operation
  • Crane operation
  • Crew interview
  • Climbing safety
  • Equipment
  • Tree felling
  • Chainsaw operation

“For both our company and our customers, safety is by far the number one priority,” said Raul Gomez, president, Mountain F. Enterprises. “We take safety very seriously, and we strive to be on the leading edge of safety promotion among tree companies. This audit program, which we started in September 2016, is a major part of that commitment to safety.”

The program promotes best practices and helps Mountain F. Enterprises’ safety leadership eliminate any unsafe behavior. But more than that, it helps promote an overall culture of safety throughout the organization.

“We’ve worked closely with the leadership at Mountain F. Enterprises to develop an auditing program that is right for their organization, and to deploy it effectively in a way that generates results,” said Todd Peabody, Safety Auditor, ACRT. “We look forward to continuing to evolve this program with Mountain F. Enterprises, and to helping their employees enhance safety best practices every day.”

“We are proud to take a proactive approach to safety throughout our organization,” Gomez said. “1,000 audits completed is an important milestone for our organization, and we are looking forward to completing the next 1,000 too.”

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