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efco SA 9500

The new efco SA 9500 blower can handle rapid clearing of leaves and other debris from large surface areas. The 2-stroke engine provides a robust 77cc/5.0-hp. performance. It features efco’s groundbreaking AERO fan rotation technology that makes acceleration a smooth transition while maintaining absolute performance. The SA 9500 includes a throttle trigger that locks to adjust or maintain speed, while also providing an adjustable control handle to match operator’s stature. Other features include an aluminum backpack frame, a cushioned back support, and a padded harness that increases comfort and reduces vibrations. Also featured, an engine cooling system that delivers air throughout cooling vents. It is easy to transport with a practical, but centrally located handle. The SA 9500 is backed by 5-year consumer and 2-year commercial industry-leading warranties. It will be available in early fall 2017.

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