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Equipment Focus – Blowers, Sweepers and Vacuums

The following is our in-depth overview of the debris-management equipment to help you clean up job sites quicker and more efficiently:


Billy Goat debris handlers

Billy Goat’s full range of debris-handling equipment includes its family of Force wheeled blowers, offering the lightest weight on the market and providing up to 7 times the power of a backpack blower. The combination of cfm and Billy Goat’s necked-down discharge creates high pressure and discharge velocity. Billy Goat’s lawn and litter vacuum lineup includes its MV Vac, which is ideal for larger properties and commercial lots, while its KV Vac is well suited for residential and smaller commercial property maintenance. Both vacs have variable height adjustment for hard surface or turf work. Lastly, Billy Goat’s debris loaders range from 13 to 35 hp.




Echo Bear Cat WV190 Series wheeled vacuums

From grass and leaves to parking lot debris, Echo Bear Cat’s WV190 Series wheeled vacuums have the power and performance to handle the job. Featuring solid welded steel body construction and 5-blade, all-steel, serrated rotor fans, these wheeled vacuums provide professional-grade answers to unusually heavy cleanup jobs. Other features of the WV190 Series wheeled vacuums include Briggs & Stratton Professional Series 190-cc engines; 2,300-cfm air volume; a 6-bushel, hard-bottomed debris bag with heavy-duty zippers; adjustable-height handlebars; and 5 vacuum height settings. The WV190S is a self-propelled model with a 3-speed transmission. Each model in the WV190 Series is available with a variety of options, including a front caster wheel kit, a 4-inch by 10-foot vacuum hose kit, and a housing wear liner kit.


Echo’s PB-770 backpack blower

Echo’s PB-770 backpack blower is loaded with upgraded, professional features for better ergonomics, more performance, and easier serviceability. Echo’s top-of-the-line blower is equipped with a powerful 63.3-cc engine, an air ventilation system, and a hip-mounted (PB-770H) or tube-mounted (PB-770T) throttle. Common features include a straight-back “L” frame; an extra-flexible tube; dual-stage, side-mounted, heavy-duty air filtration; wide-angle tube rotation; padded backrests and shoulder straps; and a leaf guard. The Echo-exclusive vented backpad allows air to circulate around the user for comfortable operation in hot weather. Performance specifications include 756-cfm air volume at the pipe and 234-mph maximum air speed.



efco SA 3000 handheld blower

efco’s SA 3000 handheld blower offers lightweight and powerful clearing of leaves and grass clippings. It includes the innovative VibCut anti-vibration system that increases operator comfort and safety (only handheld blower on the market with such a feature); an air purge primer for easy cold starts; and a throttle lock that allows airflow to be adjusted based on each job. Standard steel mulching blades shred leaves and debris to reduce bag volume with a quick and easy optional vacuum kit. The SA 3000 is backed by efco’s 5-year consumer and 2-year commercial warranty.


Exmark 36-inch rotary broom

The Exmark 36-inch walk-behind rotary broom is highly maneuverable, thanks to patented power steering technology. Easy-to-use fingertip trigger controls feature independent levers to control drive and broom engagement. The thumb-operated broom angle adjustment allows angle adjustment of up to 20 degrees to either side. A robust, easy-to-use broom height adjustment system permits adjustments in 1/8-inch increments. Two available bristle materials provide all-season versatility and maximum cleaning effectiveness with minimal impact on a wide variety of surfaces. The multi-season design of the powerful Kohler Command Pro CH270 engine allows it to function optimally in both cold and warm environments with a simple 180-degree rotation of the air intake.


Grasshopper turbine blower

Grasshopper Turbine Blowers clear debris from congested, hard-to-reach or wide-open areas and long stretches of walkways and curbs in a fraction of the time required by conventional backpack blowers and walk-behind units. Significantly quieter than most debris blowers, turbine blowers offer 360-degree nozzle rotation — controlled remotely from the operator’s station — to direct airflow precisely for reduced high-volume cleanup time along walking paths and around sport facilities, parking lots, playgrounds and cemeteries. By increasing productivity and decreasing labor, Turbine Blowers can have significant impact on the bottom line.


Greenworks Commercial’s 82-volt brushless backpack blower

The GBB 600 backpack blower combines Greenworks Commercial’s 82-volt lithium-ion battery with brushless electric motor technology to power through every job from routine maintenance to serious debris clearing. The brushless motor provides longer run times, zero maintenance and zero exhaust all while decreasing vibration and noise levels. The GBB 600 easily starts by pulling the trigger, and it is so quiet (up to 50 percent quieter than gas-powered blowers) that it allows users to start their day earlier without bothering clients, making it ideal for noise-sensitive sites. With the battery weight shifted to the back, user fatigue is drastically reduced. This professionally engineered and constructed product features an axial fan design for increased airflow, magnesium motor construction for lightweight operation, and cruise control for less user fatigue. The GBB 600 generates up to 600-cfm air volume at 150-mph air speed for easy clearing of tough grass clippings, stubborn leaves and serious debris.


Honda VersAttach multi-purpose system

Honda Power Equipment entered the split-shaft trimmer market with the introduction of the Honda VersAttach multi-purpose system. Featuring 2 powerhead options and 6 different attachments, the VersAttach system combines the power and reliability of Honda 4-stroke engines with a robust lineup of tools to fit a wide range of lawn and garden needs. The VersAttach system offers 2 powerhead models: the UMC425, powered by a Honda GX25 mini 4-stroke engine, as well as the UMC435, powered by a Honda GX35 mini 4-stroke engine. The design of the Honda mini 4-stroke engine provides for full 360-degree operation, allowing the VersAttach to be used — and stored — upright, sideways or even upside down. The 4-stroke engine also eliminates the need to mix fuel and oil, saving the operator valuable time, money and frustration of trying to get the right fuel/oil mixture. Each model can be paired with an optional interchangeable blower, pole pruner, hedge trimmer, edger, line trimmer or cultivator that fits quickly and securely into the attachment shaft by way of Honda’s SureLoc joint-locking system, saving time and effort for the user.


Husqvarna 580BTS

The 580BTS is Husqvarna’s most powerful commercial backpack blower. Its efficient fan design and X-Torq engine technology provide air speeds up to 206 mph and air volume up to 907 cfm. This professional-grade performance is complemented by a centrifugal air cleaning system that removes debris before it reaches the air filter, which results in improved engine life. Dampeners between the engine and chassis reduce vibration, while an ergonomic harness reduces user fatigue.


Little Wonder enhances Optimax blowers with new accessories

Little Wonder recently unveiled new accessories for its Optimax blowers. The accessories — a tool holder, parking brake and solid front wheel — add convenience and safety, as well as increase durability on challenging terrain. The Optimax blower lineup, which consists of 8 self-propelled or push models, features an advanced impeller and aerodynamic design that results in 38 percent more air movement than competitive blowers; air speeds range from 143 to 179 mph. The Optimax blowers’ advanced, all-steel impeller design and reverse-angled, 7-blade fan provide maximum airflow. Plus, the scrolled, aerodynamic, air inlet maintains constant power and doesn’t clog if leaves are drawn in. A large, square discharge chute rides just 2 inches off of the ground, resulting in better movement of standing water and stubborn debris. Little Wonder uses an innovative split-stream air deflector on the 25-square-inch discharge chute, which eliminates blowback and moves debris in a single pass. The deflector can be controlled at the operator’s handle for seamless adjustment while on the go.


Mighty Mac vacuum-chipper-baggers by MacKissic

The Mighty Mac by MacKissic VCB1102 self-propelled vacuum-chipper-bagger features an 11.5-gross-torque Briggs & Stratton OHV engine with 3 forward speeds plus reverse, a generous 25-inch-wide path, up to 8-to-1 debris reduction, and 2-7/8-inch chipping capability. The top-loading, 4-bushel, low-dust, felt collection bag enables vacuuming on both turf and hard surfaces, and it unzips on 3 sides for easy dumping without bag removal. The Mighty Mac vacuum-chipper-bagger features a 6-position height adjustment for the most effective vacuuming. MacKissic now offers an electric-start model VCB1102EM with 2-inch chipping capacity. For efficient cleanup in tight areas around bushes and foliage, an optional 6-inch by 8-foot vacuum hose kit may be added.


Makita’s 18V X2 (36V) LXT lithium-ion brushless blower

Landscapers and contractors are demanding more cordless alternatives to corded and gas-powered outdoor power equipment. Makita is meeting the demand with an expanding line of cordless OPE that includes the 18V X2 (36V) LXT lithium-ion brushless blower (model XBU02PT). With zero emissions and less noise, the 18V X2 (36V) cordless blower is a welcome solution for cleanup applications. It’s powered by a pair of 18V LXT batteries for maximum power and run time, but without leaving the 18V battery platform. With the efficient Makita BL brushless motor, the blower delivers longer run time, increased power and speed, and longer tool life. It’s part of Makita’s expanding 18V lithium-ion system, the world’s largest cordless tool system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide-style batteries. Makita 18V lithium-ion batteries have the fastest charge times in their categories, so they spend more time working and less time sitting on the charger.


Milwaukee Tool’s M18 FUEL blower

Capable of generating 450-cfm max air volume and 100-mph max air speed, Milwaukee Tool’s M18 FUEL blower (2728-21HD) has the power to clear debris from 15 feet away and provides the longest, max cfm run time. The POWERSTATE brushless motor and REDLITHIUM HIGH DEMAND 9.0 battery provide an outstanding combination of power and run time. The increased power can clear leaves, jobsite debris, and clippings in a single pass, and from a further distance, increasing productivity. At maximum power, it can handle difficult cleanup tasks, like moving leaves from grass, for up to 20 minutes. The blower features a variable-speed trigger for increased control. The ambidextrous cruise control allows the blower to be set to a desired power output, so the user’s hand can be relaxed, reducing fatigue. At 30-percent quieter than gas handheld solutions, the blower is an excellent option for situations that require less noise, such as maintenance in the early morning or near occupied buildings.


PECO’s Pro 12DFS

PECO’s Pro 12DFS (Dump From Seat) is a mounted aluminum box designed for lightweight and obstruction-free dumping from the operator’s seat. The Pro 12DFS will increase productivity, regardless of application. Featuring PECO’s patented mid-mounted blower, it has the power to handle today’s high-output commercial decks.








Scag Giant-Vac wheeled blowers

Scag Giant-Vac offers a variety of wheeled blowers to beat leaf and debris challenges. Boasting all-welded steel construction, these rugged, dependable, commercial-quality, high-performance blowers are as follows:

  • The Classic leaf blower is a compact unit that will tidy up a yard and driveway in a hurry with a 15-inch, 4-blade impeller; a 4.25-inch-wide housing and 1,392-cfm air volume.
  • The Extreme leaf blower has a 15-inch, 6-blade impeller and a 6-inch-wide housing to handle more airflow. While remaining compact, it can blast air from its 26.25-square-inch discharge opening at 2,293 cfm and will move more leaves and debris with every pass.
  • The Extreme Pro leaf blower is the most powerful blower in the Scag Giant-Vac lineup with a 17-inch, 6-blade impeller and a 26.25-square-inch discharge opening. It rockets out air at 2,824 cfm.


Steiner rotary sweeper

The Steiner rotary sweeper is ideal for clearing away leaves, debris and light snow on pathways, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. Available in 61- and 62-inch models, the Steiner rotary sweeper reaches a speed of 265 rpm and features reversible rotation. With hydraulically controlled nylon broom angles for left- and right-hand operation, operators can tackle any sweeping project exactly the way they want. Durable caster wheels also allow the sweeper’s height to be adjusted. And now, when paired with the all-new Steiner 450 tractor, it’s an even more powerful sweeping machine. The 450 tractor boasts excellent maneuverability on level ground or on jagged, uneven terrain. Its 20-plus attachments also make it one of the most versatile machines on the market.


Stihl BGA 56 handheld blower

Within the Stihl Lightning Battery System, the Stihl BGA 56 handheld blower combines outstanding performance and exceptional value. Its powerful motor delivers air speeds of 100 mph and an airflow of 353 cfm at the nozzle. It can clear a sidewalk the length of 7 football fields on a single charge. The BGA 56 also weighs just 7.3 pounds (including battery) for easy portability and maneuverability, and when work is done, the onboard hanging slot allows for convenient storage. The BGA 56 blower bundle comes standard with the Stihl AK 20 battery (36-volt, 2.8-amp hour) and Stihl AL 101 battery charger.


SweepEx rotary broom

The SweepEx SWB-400 walk-behind rotary broom has an efficient design for working against walls or in open areas, and it offers ergonomic features for comfortable, easy-to-use operation. The SWB-400 has a 40-inch working width. It features three-speed transmission with reverse, locking differential, multi-step brush speed, and variable down pressure. The unit includes a Honda engine and centrally driven brush, allowing for work against curbs or walls from either the right- or left-hand side of the machine. The brush has five angle settings to control the windrow of debris, and the hood is constructed of highly durable, elastic material to help prevent damage. For comfortable operation, the broom offers intuitive controls and seven-position handle height. The broom is available with various options, including debris collector box, leaf collector, protective cover and winter-tread wheel set. Several brush kits are available to accommodate special applications, such as snow, tough dirt and sensitive surfaces.


TMC’s KTBL7000Vi backpack blower

TMC’s KTBL7000Vi backpack blower has a lightweight (fully assembled dry weight of 19.8 pounds) and well-balanced design that enables hours of fatigue-free use. The commercial-grade 64.7-cc 2-cycle Kawasaki engine — featuring dual-ringed pistons, a forged-iron crankshaft, and a 4-bolt chrome-plated cylinder — produces 3.9 hp. (rated to SAE J2723) and generates an air output of 805-cfm air volume at a speed of 175 mph. The fiber-reinforced fan housing and blow-molded frame use temperature- and UV-resistant resins for long life in the harshest conditions. A flexible throttle lever arm is designed to protect against damage from arm torque that may occur during use, storage, transport, or accidental drops. An intelligently designed curved (end) pipe and ergonomically designed pipe handle provide directional control with minimal back pressure, allowing the user to maintain control of the pipes even in full air output conditions. Dual cinching straps and a fully padded backrest support allow users to ideally place the blower on their backs based on their preferences. A 68-ounce fuel tank enables longer operating time between fuel fill-ups.


Toro power broom

Patented commercial power steering allows the Toro power broom to turn on a dime and offers effortless maneuverability with the pull of a trigger. Designed for year-round use, the power broom is as effective brushing away snow in the winter months as it is clearing debris and dethatching the remainder of the year. The shift-on-the-fly transmission also provides an optimal speed setting for every operator and condition with 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds. The power broom features technology to allow the operator to adjust the height of the broom in precise 1/8-inch increments, making this an extremely versatile rotary sweeper. Additionally, independent control levers allow simultaneous engagement of ground drive and broom for increased operability. The power broom is equipped with a Kohler Command Pro CH270 engine, making it ideal for multi-season use.


Turf Teq power broom

Brush pressure, brush speed and pivot angle (left/right) can all be adjusted easily from the operator position on the Turf Teq Power Broom (Model 1305BR). The self-propelled power broom features a hydrostatic transmission, differential lock, 13-hp. Honda engine, 47-inch width, and 2 types of bristles (poly-wire mix or poly only). The multi-use capability of the power broom allows the operator to sweep debris or snow, as well as dethatch lawns. The power broom attachment can also be removed, allowing the operator to mount a power edger, power rake, brush cutter or plow attachment.


WORX TurbineFusion

The WORX TurbineFusion (WG510) combines high-capacity air volume at 525 cubic feet per minute (cfm) with turbine fan technology to produce a 2-speed blower/mulcher/bagger with an all-in-1, single-tube design. Its 2-speed control provides a light breeze option when working in sensitive areas or full volume to move stubborn leaves and yard debris. The blower/mulcher/bagger features a 2-stage mulching system that produces a 24:1 mulch ratio. In stage 1, a high-velocity shredder blade shreds debris before entering stage 2, which pulverizes it with a metal impeller into fine mulch. The 9.7-pound blower/mulcher/bagger is constructed of high-impact nylon composite and is ergonomically designed for single-handed operation. It features a soft-grip comfort handle to help reduce fatigue.


Yardmax power sweeper

The Yardmax power sweeper is built to clean and clear surfaces in various conditions year-round, including snow accumulation up to 6 inches. This easy-to-use power sweeper uses a 208-cc Briggs & Stratton engine with 9.5-foot-pound torque to blast through snow, dirt, sand, gravel and other debris on sidewalks, driveways and decorative surfaces such as backyards and brick patios. Its specially designed nylon brushes spin at 520 rpm, removing tough debris while protecting the surface structure below. The brushes are adjustable with 3 sweeping directions. Other features include forward and reverse speeds; a 28-inch sweeping width with a 14-inch-diameter brush for high-capacity sweeping; and a handlebar that is height adjustable, ergonomic, and foldable for convenient storage. The Yardmax power sweeper is available with an optional dust collection bucket.


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