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Essential Native Trees and Shrubs

Essential Native Trees and Shrubs, available February 2018, is a valuable resource for gardeners, landscape architects, and other designers interested in creating sustainable and attractive landscapes.

Authors Tony Dove and Ginger Woolridge present a carefully curated primary group of plants with proven vigor and aesthetic appeal. Together, Tony and Ginger have over 75 years of horticultural and landscaping experience.

Tony Dove is a popular lecturer, educator, and author of articles for professional journals and magazines. He has experience at the Historic London Town and Gardens in Maryland, Tryon Palace Historic Sites and Gardens in North Carolina, and Clark Botanic Garden in New York. Currently, he is the Chief Horticulturalist at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Maryland.

Ginger Woolridge has a degree in Landscape Architecture from Penn State, and MBA from the Wharton School, and many years of experience in landscape design and editorial consulting. Ginger is an advocate for the environment and sustainability through her work with nonprofit organizations including 1000 Friends of Maryland.

Essential Native Trees and Shrubs for the Eastern United States:

The Guide to Creating a Sustainable Landscape

  • A comprehensive guide for choosing the best native trees and shrubs for sustainable landscapes in the temperate area east of the Mississippi River
  • Selections based on proven performance, aesthetic appeal, and a wide range of adaptability
  • Organized for fast, confident tree and shrub selection for specific landscape applications
  • Includes graphs, photographs, and text defined by decades of horticultural experience


On-sale date: February 6, 2018

336 pages

ISBN 978-1-62354-503-1 HC


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