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2017 ITCC results

The 2017 International Tree Climbing Championship was held at the U.S. National Arboretum July 28-30. It was a strong showing for New Zealand as James Kilpatrick of the ISA New Zealand Chapter won the Masters’ Challenge gold in the Men’s division, and Chrissy Spence, also of the New Zealand Chapter won the Masters’ Challenge gold in the Women’s division. Both champions successfully defended their 2016 ITCC Championships.

In the Men’s division, Corma Nagan of Southern Chapter, U.S., took silver, and Mark Gistitin of Queensland Arboricultural Association, Australia, took bronze. In the Women’s division, Josephine Hedger of Arboricultural Association, U.K., took silver, and Boel Hammarstrand of the ISA Sweden Chapter, won bronze.


The event winners were as follows:

Men’s Throwline

Gold: Cormac Nagan

Silver: Jacob Claassen

Bronze: Tobias Pelli


Women’s Throwline

Gold: Krista Strating

Silver: Rachel Brudzinski

Bronze: Alisha Amundson


Men’s Belayed Speed Climb

Gold: Jacob Claassen

Silver: Ryan Torcicollo

Bronze: Andrew Dunavant


Women’s Belayed Speed Climb

Gold: Chrissy Spence

Silver: Boel Hammarstrand

Bronze: Jocelyn Lohse


Men’s Ascent Event

Gold: James Kilpatrick

Silver: Tobias Pelli

Bronze: Robert Bundy


Women’s Ascent Event

Gold: Chrissy Spence

Silver: Josephine Hedger

Bronze: Eva-Maria Mauz


Men’s Work Climb

Gold: Beau Nagan

Silver: Nick Grebe

Bronze: Derrick Martin


Women’s Work Climb

Gold: Chrissy Spence

Silver: Krista Strating

Bronze: Josephine Hedger


Men’s Aerial Rescue

Gold: James Kilpatrick

Silver: Scott Forrest

Bronze: Bonniord Tanguay


Women’s Aerial Rescue

Gold: Josephine Hedger

Silver: Chrissy Spence

Bronze: Boel Hammarstrand


ITCC Chapter Team Award

Johan Pihl and Boel Hammarstrand, Sweden Chapter


Competitor-Spirit of the Competition Award

Peter Vergote and Jan Hoorne, Belgium Chapter


Arthur Bruce Smith Volunteer Spirit Award

Gregory Good, Wisconsin Chapter


Sponsors of the 2017 ITCC included Davey; Husqvarna; Weaver Leather; Green Manufacturing, Inc.; Fanno Saws; Shelter Tree Care Products; Out on a Limb Tree Service; KASK; Petzl; Tree Awareness; Truewerk; Arborwear; and Teufelberger.


For video from the 2017 ITCC, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZtu8ZabptY&feature=youtu.be


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