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EZ-Ject introduces new Soil Injector Lite

ArborSystems’ sister company, EZ-Ject, introduces their latest product, Soil Injector Lite, an easily transportable method for tree and shrub pesticide and fertilizer applications under the soil surface.

EZ-Ject Soil Injector Lite, with its narrow profile and handle suitable for dense underbrush use, weighs 8.5-pounds compared to the 14-pound weight of the Soil Injector Standard. Both soil injectors have a pumping system that delivers a half ounce (15 ml) per stroke and the option of a quarter ounce (7.5 ml) per stroke. The one-gallon chemical tank is semi-transparent for viewing product usage and has a wide-mouth screw cap for filling. Both offer an adjustable injection depth from two to eight inches, an adjustable foot plate and probe depth control and a replaceable hardened steel tip.

The Soil Injector Standard has adjustable handles for applicator height, a wide handle configuration, quick interchange containers with zero leakage, a fill stand to help replenish containers, a stainless-steel cage for container protection and a garden hose adapter for easy cleaning.

Retriever Insecticide, for use in the ArborSystems Wedgle Direct-Inject Tree Injection System, is available in 120 ml and 1000 ml Quick-Connect Chemical Packs. It is for tree injection application to ornamental or non-bearing fruit and nut trees. Retriever contains the active ingredient Acetamiprid and is formulated to translocate in the tree’s vascular system when injected.

The Wedgle is a no-drill tree treatment system — an easy, fast and tree-friendly way to treat almost any tree in five minutes or less. It is the only tree trunk injection application method that does not require a drilled hole. This advanced tree technology system delivers chemicals fast and effectively without drilling damage and virtually no environmental exposure associated with foliage spray, soil injection or drenching. Also, there is no mixing in the field, waiting for uptake of chemicals, guarding during draining process or need for power, pumps or return trips.

The EZ-Ject product line also includes the EZ-Ject Herbicide Lances and Shells for use by foresters, utility managers and agricultural producers to effectively control unwanted trees, stumps and brush. For more information, visit EZJect.com.

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