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Liftin’ It Up: When rigging and lifting intersect

There are no shortage of rigging situations and scenarios in the day-to-day work world of the tree care industry -- from the basic-but-challenging spar pole rigging system to the complex, gear-intensive, multiple-technique slide line process over varied targets. And although each situation requires a certain basic knowledge and understanding of different methods and techniques, the safe use of the technique of lifting a branch or piece over/off a hazard/obstacle demands not only extreme care and attention to detail, but also an extensive knowledge of the forces and vectors involved and being generated.

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Utility Line Safety: What You Need to Know

When it comes to working near power lines, tree workers must always use extreme caution. Utilities recommend treating all wires as if they are energized and dangerous, yet accidents involving tree workers and power lines occur every year. Armed with a basic understanding of electricity and simple precautions, tree workers can reduce some risk of serious injury when operating around electrified lines. However, extensive training -- including information not covered here -- is needed to teach tree workers how to identify voltage and wire types and qualify them to work in this and other high-risk environments.

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Case Study: Tree Care Goes High-tech

Jeremy Tibbets is one of those rare visionaries with an uncanny ability to see both the forest and the trees. Hence, it was his appreciation for the collective role that individual trees serve in shaping the health and appearance of urban forests that motivated this San Francisco-based master arborist to pioneer one of the most innovative tree care service companies in the nation.

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Trees and Neighbors and the Law

On any given day, arborists throughout the country are unwittingly dragged into neighborly conflicts. Trees are almost universally praised for the benefits and beauty they bring to the neighborhood. On the other hand, that same tree is almost universally damned when it bothers one neighbor but is owned by another. It’s not uncommon for a pruning crew to be requested to “show up on Thursday when I know my neighbor will be gone” or give advice as to whether or not this guy’s branches can be pruned back to improve their views. So, what can you tell your client and what should you be practicing to keep yourself out of a lawsuit as well? Let’s take a look at some common “frequently asked questions” arborists get about trees, their neighbors, and the law.

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